Premier Botanics Mission Statement

Premier Botanics Grow Mission,

Our growing method is what sets us apart from other facilities in the state. Most modern facilities
use chemistry to add micro nutrients and add NPK through synthetic salt based nutrients. In our
words, it’s like putting your plants on a fast food diet. We at Premier Botanics have studied
organic farming methods using compost, amendments, and ferments that work in harmony with
the plant and soil. We like to say: feed the soil, not the plant. At the end of the day, our goal is to
source all inputs organically and be produced in house. This growing system also utilizes water
to the maximum potential vs other competitors dumping hundreds of thousands of gallons into
the drain. Overall this method has proven to be most beneficial for the plant, planet, and people.
Just to sweeten the pot, we have outfitted our facility with the most energy efficient equipment
we could find. Indoor cultivation will never be fully sustainable but we are trying to do the best
for the position we find ourselves in. By implementing these gardening methods, we have really
been able to tap into the plant and the result is a superior expression of terpenes and
cannabinoids unmatched by salt based grows. All of our products will be more flavorful,
effective, and smoother on the body than products found at shops not using our living organic
soil system.

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